The business world in transforming each day and there is a growth in Small to Medium Enterprises across all business sectors. To meet the demands of our clients, our entrepreneurial and consulting department offers a wide range of services from start-ups till entities grow into big corporations.

The services we offer to the SMEs include:

  • SME Back- Office solutions
  • SME Business development support;
  • SME Coaching and mentoring
  • Taxation
  • Skills and capacity building
  • Company secretarial support
  • Payroll administrations
  • Human resources management and development
  • Preparation of management and annual financial statements.
  • Project proposals
  • Project and programme management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Business investment advice
  • Incubation


We ensure that our clients get back up support so that their objectives are realised.

Our Approach

Our motto is always: no matter the stage of growth in our clients, we are always there! We have accumulated vast experience in offering service to the Small to Medium Enterprise sector and we are able to offer practical advice for businesses to navigate the unpredictable business environment.

We have teams that cover all the business facets- company registration, business et up, systems development, human resources, marketing, accounting, tax- thus supporting the growth of future blue chip companies.